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How can you help make your signage last?

Your sign has been designed and fitted and it looks amazing but will it still look as good as time goes by?  There is no reason why not and once we’ve installed your signage and you are happy with it, we will advise on the best course of action to care for it. Deteriorating signs can reflect your company image and brand and therefore maintenance is crucial for business signs. It may be a large illuminated sign on the side of your building or a shop fascia sign; we have lots of advice on how to keep it looking fresh.  There’s the option is an on-going maintenance package or simply give us a call as needed to maintain your signage.

Changes, upgrades or old information

Occasionally you may need to upgrade or make some changes to your sign.  Perhaps your logo or company colours have changed or the information on your sign needs altering as there’s no point in having an old contact number on your sign but also small changes can also improve visibility to potential clients.  We can make suggestions here so that you can make adjustments to the business signage you already have in place.

Damage or wear and tear

Your sign might be damaged by the weather, by cars or even by people.  Depending on the type of impact, it could cause structural damage that should be put right as soon as possible to ensure the sign is safe.

Positioning is important as direct sunlight can cause fading.  Depending on the material and the type of sign, it may be possible to replace certain sections to make it as good as new.   Vehicle graphics are always on the move and can be damaged or scraped.  In this instance, we may be able to replace a section of the graphic rather that starting again.  We can also give tips on how to clean vehicle graphics and the best cleaners to use that won’t damage the print.  Sometimes all your signage needs a good clean or dust to make them look brand new!

We have lots more maintenance tips to share with you.

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