BQF Privacy Conference Room Glass Frosting – Canary Wharf

This week OneFourDesign’s Team worked with BQF (The British Quality Foundation) in Canary Wharf. BQF have an extensive track record of helping organisations learn from best practice, improve their performance and achieve sustainable excellence. They specialise in the use of business improvement approaches and tools such as the EFQM Excellence Model and Lean Six Sigma. The main work was done to their two conference rooms, we applied semi-transparent frosted vinyl film across the glass panels.  We also placed the BQF company logo within the frosted vinyl in a darker shade so the logo can be easily seen.

We also designed the other side of the conference room to have the company emblem as part of the privacy vinyl. This give the office more personality and more pleasing to the eye compared to normal generic strip of frosted vinyl. Frosted glass gives meeting rooms that extra privacy and reduces distractions from the office environment. Remember not all offices have to have the standard single colour privacy stripe throughout you glass panels. We can design a custom look with your company logo even with semi-transparent full colour vinyl.

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