The Art of Persuasion

Marketing is an important way of communicating with your prospective and existing customers and in order to make it successful, you need to be able to master the art of persuasion. We are all bombarded with marketing every day, much of which we pass by or dismiss without a second thought. This mindless response is partly due to our ability to quickly filter out information that isn’t relevant to us and partly due to poor, unengaging marketing campaigns.

If you want to use marketing to communicate and persuade, you need to really understand who you want to communicate with and what message they want to hear. The more you understand your target group, the more likely that you can deliver a message that gets their attention, that is congruent with their thoughts and which survives our inbuilt filter.

You also need to have a clear understanding of what your company can deliver, your passions and unique selling points that ensure that you can stand out from the crowd. What is it that you offer that makes you better than your competitors? What are you passionately committed to and how do you demonstrate this in all aspects of your business?

Thoughtful Response

Finally you need to find an engaging way to get your message across. Rather than being quickly dismissed, your marketing needs to stick. It needs to encourage a thoughtful response and get people questioning and considering. It may challenge common preconceptions, deliver an emotional trigger, respond to a topical issue, use logical debate or ask a question.

The issue with thoughtful responses is that they are seldom instant. We need time to process the information, consider the points and debate the options in our minds. Even something that we have given considerable thought to, can be forgotten within the demands of the daily routine. For this reason, any marketing campaign needs to deliver a consistent message in many forms, so the message is repeated and our customers are reminded.

Consistent Signage

Signage is one way in which a company can increase its visibility, build awareness of the products or services it offers and re-inforce other marketing campaigns. We’ve all sat in a traffic jam reading the information on the commercial vehicle in front of us, or found a local trade’s person due to their van being parked in a neighbour’s driveway. We all see signs from companies that we pass on our daily commute and each time we see a sign, it brings the company to mind.

If you’ve had a thoughtful response to a company’s advertising and you are reminded of them every day due to passing them on route to the office, the chances are that they will be in the forefront of your mind when the time comes to make a purchase.

If your business could benefit from greater exposure through a range of professional signage, High Wycombe based One Four Designs can assist. We can help your business to stand out from the crowd and celebrate the unique selling points that make your business unique. 

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